CHAIRMAN – Hey I’m Marcell Merenyi the 55th chairman of Hoc Habet! I’m studying computer science and applied physics at the TU/e. By now, I have been fencing for more years than I have not, currently fencing sabre. Other than fencing, I like to play my saxophone or enjoy retro games on my computer. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, and see you on the fencing pistes.

SECRETARY – Hi, everybody! I’m Edward Sihol, the 55th secretary of Hoc Habet. I’m a second-year Automotive Student at TU/e. Even though I have only been fencing (foil) for a year, it’s long enough for me to discover that I love this sport. Apart form fencing, I spend my time playing the acoustic guitar and watching shows like Vikings. I hope to see you around during our weekly training.

TREASURER – Hey! I’m Max van Slagmaat, an Electrical Engineering student at Fontys, and I’m the 55th Board’s Treasurer. My hobbies include fencing, games, and long distance running. I started fencing sabre in my childhood, took a break for a few years then started again when I joined Hoc Habet. See you on the fencing pistes.