Upcoming tournaments

Domtoernooi 2019Sabre, Foil & Epee04/06/2019 - 04/07/2019Utrecht
Bosch OpenSabre & Epee03/23/2019Den Bosch
4 out of 9 ChallengeEpee03/13/2019Den Bosch
Delftse Tegeltjes ToernooiSabre & Epee02/24/2019Delft
4 out of 9 ChallengeEpee02/13/2019Den Bosch
SISTA-USFoil & Epee01/26/2019Amsterdam
3de Ferrum Vetum Futuri 2018Foil & Epee09/02/2018Zwolle
Koning Willem II toernooiEpee09/16/2018Tilburg
Keizer KareltoernooiFoil & Epee10/14/2018 Nijmegen
Zilveren DegenEpee10/21/2018 Breda
4de Ferrum Vetum Futuri 2018Foil & Epee10/28/2018Utrecht
47e Wapen van Vlagtwedde 2018Foil11/10/2018Ter Apel
The tournaments noted above highlight the upcoming tournaments Hoc Habet would like to participate in. If you would like to come along or want another tournament to be added do not hesitate to send us a message.