Personal Story – Hidde Koerts

Hey, I am Hidde Koerts and for this year (2018/2019) I will be responsible for the condition of our fencing materials in the role of “Administrative Officer” (or more informally, as “Armourer”). I have been a passionate fencer for over 8 years now, of which 1 here in Eindhoven. Before moving here for my Applied Mathematics and Computer Science bachelor program I fenced at SchermCentrum Amsterdam, the largest fencing club in the Netherlands.

With this experience I am constantly working on improving the level of our cozy student club and on creating a dedicated group of enthusiasts to have fun at tournaments. However, whether you are an experienced fencer or a first-timer, I believe that Hoc Habet will be able to provide a great environment for enjoying any of the three disciplines of this marvelous sport!


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