Personal Story – Bob Booy Liewes

Hey, my name is Bob, a twenty-three-year-old Software science student living in the most vibrant city of the Netherlands, Eindhoven. After I began fencing when I was around thirteen years old the transition towards Hoc Habet was only natural once I became a student. I initially started with foil, but eventually small boys grow up, so I switched to Epee, which is still my main weapon.

Besides Fencing I enjoy Sailing, various useless collections (Inks, Currencies, books I say I will one day read) and pretending I have some form of wine knowledge. You can also find me at pretty much every activity that the club organises, both competitively and socially.

Being the chairman of the 52nd board of E.S.S.V. Hoc Habet I represent the club in various events, make sure the rest of the board stays on track, and help out wherever the current proverbial fire is raging. Feel free to drop by and say hi at any Training or social event, since I am always up for a good laugh, a nice discussion, or an intense match on the piste.


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