October Tournament 2017

On the 22nd of October 2017 there will be a fencing tournament in Eindhoven hosted by Hoc Habet, we are glad to invite everyone to participate and join this exciting edition of the October Tournament. This tournament will be featuring foil, epee and sabre (sabre will only be hosted if ten or more participants sign up). Please send your registration to tournament@b0b.io with the following required information:

  • Name
  • Weapon
  • Club
  • Age

The registration fee will be 10 Euro payable at the reception desk the day of the tournament. Lunch can be bought at the canteen.

Beginning this year, the tournament will be part of the NISC.

For club participants, it would appreciated if you can come with a group and a referee (please inform us if you are bringing a referee).

As a special note to all sabre participants: Please provide a second weapon choice in your application. Should sabre not be made available you will be informed.

The registration deadline is on the 21th of October. However it will still be possible to register at the desk on the 22nd of October, this will carry an additional cost of 2 Euro. The reception desk will open at 9 am, fencing will start at around 10 am and finish around 17:00 (subject to change). Please remember to sign in at the reception when you arrive.

Tournament location: Hall 2, StudentSportCentrum, Eindhoven.

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