Beginners’ Course 2014

On the 2nd of September, 2014, Hoc Habet started its semestral Beginners’ Course with great success. New fencers joined our rank and tested their skills in Foil, learning the basics of attacking and defending, after finishing with a round of combat with our more experienced fencers. More people are still welcome to join, so drop by during the next few weeks if you want!

The course takes ten weeks; together with a group of other novices you will receive an introduction in the art of fencing under supervision of maître Johan Walraven.

The training hours are from 20:00 to 21:30 every Tuesdays.

Among others a number of basic movements will be taught:

  • Fencing steps
  • Attacks
  • Parries
  • Ripostes
  • Compound attacks

A sport card is mandatory to access the course. Fencing materials are supplied by the TU/e Sports centre. All you need is normal sporting clothes (preferably with long jogging trousers).

After the first month of lessons you’ll be asked to become a member of Hoc Habet, which in itself has a cost of 10 euros per semester.

Interested? Please subscribe for the course at the E-mail address, or join our training!

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