The Groot Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap is a national event in the Netherlands for university athletes of various disciplines. Every year, Hoc Habet defends the honour of TU/e and Eindhoven  in the fencing tournament.
Unlike most student tournaments, this is a equipe tournament, which means we all work together and our opponents are other cities. An equipe consists of at least three fencers with maximum of four. Every year previously to the GNSK, we start a small competition to select our best fencers on épée and foil and we set up the teams.
The GNSK is not just a tournament, but a celebration of sportsmanship. Thorough the two days of competition there are constant parties and social bonding. This is the highlight of the year for most fencers. It is always a joy spending the weekend together. And in that time it is shown how great atmosphere among fencers is.