Never tired fencing before? Or maybe you did, and want your friends to give it a try; either way Hoc Habet welcomes anyone who is interested in fencing or just a fun afternoon. Our clinics are packed with action and are the perfect place to get to know each other. Whether your research group is a little too shy, or your student association needs an excuse to chase one another with swords, Hoc Habet offers a fun, energetic, and fulfilling afternoon where you can become familiar with the sport, learn the basics and then compete with each other.

We can tailor an activity to your specific needs and can focus on any element you prefer. From competitiveness to team building we can ensure a great day for you and your friends. To set up a clinic for your group you please contact the Board specifying what you had in mind as an activity, as well as some dates and we will do our utmost to devise the best solution for you.