A quick view of Hoc Habet

Hoc Habet, “He’s got it”, the cry that resounded in the Roman Coliseum when the death blow was struck at the end of a gladiatorial fight. And, whilst we no longer fight to the death, fencing at Hoc Habet is no less exciting or intense.
Created in 1966 Hoc Habet is one of the clubs that originally founded the sport centre. We are a small association, but are nonetheless very devoted to one another.
The training is led by an official maître d’escrime. During training, attention is paid to the many techniques, attacks, defenses and the footwork, keeping in eye the fine skills and match tactics. A beginners’ course is given twice a year and when the participant has succesfully completed the course a certificate is awarded. Alternatively, you can just pop in in during the start of the training and see for yourself how much fun fencing is. To join, all you need is a sports card from the student sports centre, indoor sportshoes and some simple sports clothing. Fencing equipment will be provided by the sports centre, for the three weapons of our discipline. Whether you are for a short or a long period around in Eindhoven, Hoc Habet provides a good base for learning fencing and an ideal way getting in touch with the Dutch and their culture. Besides training with Hoc Habet, you can fence for the ladder competition, participate in internal and external tournaments or exchanges with other (student) fencing clubs. Furthermore, Hoc Habet organises it’s own international tournament in October, and last but not least there are a lot of social activities like get-togethers, dinners, video-evenings, and barbecues. For a complete overview of the coming activities, see our agenda. In short: the effort of an individual sport combined with the social aspects of a team sport!