Meet the 56th Hoc Habet Board Members


CHAIRMAN – Hey I’m Marcell Merenyi the 56th chairman of Hoc Habet! I’m studying computer science and applied physics at the TU/e. By now, I have been fencing for more years than I have not, currently fencing sabre. Other than fencing, I like to play my saxophone or enjoy retro games on my computer. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, and see you on the fencing pistes.


SECRETARY – Heyy, my name is Betty, and I’m the 56th secretary of Hoc Habet. I’m currently in my second year of physiotherapy at Fontys. I’ve been fencing epee for 5 years now and discovered it through modern pentathlon. Other than that I play piano and love to gym 🙂 see you at the SSC!


TREASURER – Hey! I’m Edward Sihol, the 56th treasurer of Hoc Habet. I’m a third-year Automotive student at TU/e. Even though I have only been fencing foil for two years, long enough for me to discover that I love this sport. Apart from fencing, I spend my time playing the acoustic guitar and watching shows like Vikings. I hope to see you around during our weekly training.


ADMINISTRATION OFFICER – Hello there, I am Brian de Groot and I’m the 56th administration officer of Hoc Habet. I am currently doing my internship for my third year of International Communication Management at Fontys. I have fenced sabre for four years now and I also fence at another fencing club in Eindhoven. I tried fencing at my old boxing club and I fell in love immediately. Next to fencing, I like to play the piano, play video games and go to the stratum. Hope to see you at the training!

Vasil Todorov

Hey, I’m Vasil Todorov the 56th activities manager of Hoc Habet! I’m studying ICT & Media Design at Fontys. I have been fencing for 1 year but the sport has captivated me and I think I will be fencing for a very long time. Apart from fencing, I do public speaking as a hobby and go to the Gym. Looking forward to fencing with you!